The Carnal Catholic

Interview with Bob Holmes, an ordinary Irish Catholic from Long Island.  He shares how God transformed him from a double life of burglary and faithful Catholicism to true salvation in Jesus Christ alone.

From truth to Tradition

Richard Bennet uncovers the history of the modern ecumenical movement with a emphasis on ECT document, Evangelical and Catholics Together. Revealing just why Evangelicals must understand Catholicism and its differences. PlayStop X MP3jPLAYLISTS.MI_0 = [ { name: "From truth to Tradition", formats: ["mp3"], mp3: "aHR0cHM6Ly8wMmQ3Y2RiLm5ldHNvbGhvc3QuY29tL2JlcmVhbmJlYWNvbi9hcmNoaXZlcy9hdWRpby9hdWRpby9Gcm9tX1RydXRoX1RvX1RyYWRpdGlvbi5tcDM=", counterpart:"", artist: "", image: "true", imgurl: "" } ]; MP3jPLAYERS[0] Read More

The Accomplishments of Pope John Paul II

A work in 1999 applauded John Paul II in the following words, “No other world figure has commanded the admiration he has enjoyed as the globe-trotting (over 1/2 million miles) Pope.  His kindly smile and fatherly wave have made the ‘Pope Mobile’ a legend.  Although they might disagree with his theology, both Catholics and Protestants have joined Read More


The Papal Claim to Have the Keys of the Apostle Peter

For most Catholics, the authority of the Pope, as derived from Peter, is the main cornerstone of their faith.  For the others, it is the lifesaver to fall back on when all else fails.  In my own life, it was a presupposition that I did not question until the very end of my years as Read More

The Mystic Plague

Candles, crucifixes and confusion invading modern Evangelical churches. Listen as Richard Bennett traces the modern emergent church movement  back to the ecumenical plans set forth in the Second Vatican council in the early 1960’s. PlayStop X MP3jPLAYLISTS.MI_1 = [ { name: "The Mystic Plague", formats: ["mp3"], mp3: "aHR0cHM6Ly8wMmQ3Y2RiLm5ldHNvbGhvc3QuY29tL2JlcmVhbmJlYWNvbi9hcmNoaXZlcy9hdWRpby9hdWRpby9UaGVfTXlzdGljX1BsYWd1ZS5tcDM=", counterpart:"", artist: "", image: "true", imgurl: "" Read More

An Overview of the History of the Papacy

The Papal Church, a magnificently rich splendidly housed political and ecclesiastical power, headquartered in Rome stands in stark contrast to what started there in the first century with some pastors ministering to small congregations.  The differences are graphic.  The early home churches under their pastors looked to the authority of the Word as received in Read More


True Gospel in the Context of my own Testimony

By Richard Bennett From the time I was a young boy in Dublin, Ireland, I was taught to look within myself for holiness. In my years in a Jesuit elementary and secondary school, I was trained to look within myself for moral goodness through the sacraments and mental prayer. I was ordained as a Dominican Read More