From Tradition to Truth

The compelling testimony of former Roman Catholic Dominican Priest, Richard Bennet.  A devout and well respected missionary priest thoroughly equipped and active in administering of  the sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church discovers their Ineffectiveness. Richard Bennett discovers truth Biblical salvation 

Testimony of a Catholic Priest

Hear the trials and tribulations of a Roman Catholic Priest in his struggle to truly know he was going to heaven when he died and have a relationship with Jesus Christ. This 13 year struggle of Richard to know God in a real biblical way crosses 2 oceans, 2 continents and even 2 hemispheres. Watch Read More

Richard Bennett in Ireland

Richard Bennett former Roman Catholic Priest delivers his testimony at the Armagh Free Presbyterian Church in Ireland.

Grace in Christ

Richard Bennett delivers his testimony of finding the grace of God in true biblical salvation.  It is a story of many years of searching for truth leading to his acceptance of the authority of Scripture alone and true Christianity.  Richard intertwines Bible verses with his story, clearly showing that salvation is found in Christ alone and not in any Church. 

Richard Bennett’s Testimony

Former Roman Catholic priest Richard Bennett delivers his heart to heart testimony of true Biblical salvation apart from the Catholic Church. This is a story of many years of searching for truth and eventually leading to the authority of scripture and true Christianity. Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet Share on Pinterest Share Share Read More

Once a Jesuit, Now a Child of God – Bob Bush

I began my Catholic journey in a little country town in northern California in the U.S.A. The town was so small that we did not have Mass every Sunday, but a priest used to come once a month if he possibly could to hold Mass in a big public hall. I have both an older Read More


Pilgrimage From Rome – Bartholomew F. Brewer

Millions—perhaps the majority—of Roman Catholics are Catholic by name, by culture, or by inertia. Our family, however, was Roman Catholic by conviction. We understood and practiced the teachings of our religion. We believed it to be the “one true church” founded by Jesus Christ. Because of this, we accepted without question everything our priests taught. In Read More


I Was Not Antagonistic To The Truth

Bruno Bottesin I was born in Vicenza, Italy, in 1917. At the age of eleven I entered the Franciscan College to study for the Priesthood. After my ordination I became the pastor of a small mountain parish of Castagnara. In 1954 I was transferred to a larger parish in the city of Chieti. Then Bishop Read More


My Encounter With God

Guido Scalzi Our little house at Mesoraca was situated in a hamlet called “Filippa” which was not very far from the monastery of the Franciscan Friars, located on top of a beautiful hill. It was there that I as a child went with my family to hear Mass. Majesty and Monastery I remember one particular Read More