The Practice of Idolatry Within the Church

By Richard Bennett and Randall Paquette Praise for Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” resounded from pulpit to pew.  It is evident that there are many Christians who, without reservation, are prepared to accept movies about “Christ,” even one in the Catholic tradition.  The question, therefore, that must be asked is this: In the Read More


The Passion of Christ – Mel Gibson’s Vivid Deception

By Richard Bennett and J. Virgil Dunbar There seldom had been a movie that had created such favorable publicity and anticipation in the Evangelical community than The Passion of Christ.  A tidal wave of excitement swept the church and the movie world.  On Catholic Ash Wednesday, 2004, the film appeared in theaters across America.  Evangelical Read More


The Cross and the Mass by Richard Bennett

The Cross and the Mass” Former Catholic priest Richard Bennett shines the light of biblical truth on the Catholic mass. This video was made at John MacArthur’s Church during the ECFC (Ex Catholics for Christ) conference. Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet Share on Pinterest Share Share on Google Plus Share Share on LinkedIn Read More

Is John Paul II Truly Blessed in the Sight of God?

Thus, it is most important that we answer the question, Is John Paul II blessed in the sight of God? What is at stake is the salvation of souls, because worship and prayer to a dead human negates essential biblical truths foundational to the Gospel. We carefully document from his official position in the Vatican Read More

Idolatry in the Evangelical camp

This is a reading of the article written by Virgil Dunbar and Richard Bennet concerning Evangelical Christians who allow images of the Roman Catholic Jesus in their sanctuaries.

Idolatry at the Present Time

By Richard Bennett and Abner Araujo Nowadays, on a popular level, the word “idol” means only an image of a false god, or a heathen deity. However, in Bible and theology dictionaries, the word “idol” means “the worship of Jehovah by means of images,”1 or “the worship of Jehovah under image or symbol.”2 “Idolatry, strictly Read More