The Biblical Mary and the Mary of Catholic Tradition

The Roman Catholic church manufactures an unbiblical characterization of the birth mother of Jesus. The Mary of Catholicism is in direct contrast and seeks to mimic and mock the office of Christ Jesus. Rome teaches that just as Christ was sinless, so was Mary.  Just as grace comes from Christ, so Mary is the mother Read More

The Biblical Mary Vs. Rome’s Counterfeit Mary

“By asking Mary to pray for us, we acknowledge ourselves to be poor sinners and we address ourselves to the ‘Mother of Mercy,’ the All Holy One.”[1]    Such is the superlative praise and veneration that Catholic teaching gives to their Mary.  The whole cycle of feasts of the Catholic Church is permeated with her festivals throughout Read More


The Apparitions of “Mary” – Divine or Demonic?

The important subject of the apparitions of “Mary” must be addressed in the light of Biblical truth because the message given in the apparitions is either from God, and thus for the instruction of the believers, or from Satan, and thus to the destruction of believers.  It is of such great importance because many of those Read More


The Immaculate Conception: Drama, Dogma, and Disaster

By Richard Bennett The Roman Catholic world is preparing to commemorate the promulgation of ‘The Immaculate Conception’ of Mary 150 years ago. Much has taken place already to celebrate this event and the climax is expected on 8 December 2004. Worship of Mary, the mother of Jesus, is standard practice in the Church of Rome. Read More

The Parallel of Mary To Jesus

In spite of the Biblical truth, “My glory will I not give to another,” the Church of Rome constructs a parallel of Mary to Jesus, and even of Mary to the Holy Spirit.  The Catholic teaching consistently declares that attributes and offices of the Lord Christ Jesus are applicable to Mary.

Marian Apparitions in Lourdes, France: A Descent into Darkness

Dear Friend, Approximately six million people a year visit the shrine at Lourdes where Mary is venerated.  The celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the claimed apparitions of Mary at the site took place there in September 2008.  The climax of the festivities was the Pope’s presence to worship Mary and honor the young peasant Read More